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The first cardboard building-set and a platform teaching blockchain technology to children


Yohocube is an educational building-set made of cardboard. It consists of two elements: a cube and a prism. A building-set is rapidly becoming more and more popular all over the world, which is confirmed by new awards that the product keeps receiving.

Yohocube is an educational platform for both children and parents, Its main target is teaching children and forming social skills through interaction between digital interactive environment and a toy.


Simple forms (a cube and a prism) stimulate imagination development at any age


Made of cardboard and is ready to pass any safety test


Designed in natural color contributing to imagination development and personalization of every created object

In 2017 Yohocube was awarded with Silver at an international design exhibiton A’Design Award in "Games, toys and hobby" category

Yohocube was twice recogized as the most attractive investment project at exhibitions


Advantages for investors



The project is accmulating the exact amount needed for scaling of the production and the launch of the platform



and easy to undersand utility-token



The project is within the scope of three global trends enhancing each other: ecology, children development, token economics



Real economy tokensale that can be scaled worldwide and useful for every family


Operating business

The business has been operating for 2.5 years

YOHO token


To use the platfrom you should become a virtual currency holder - a YOHO token. Within Yohocube ecosystem a token will have the following functions:


Paying for a building-set with a 40%


Getting a cashback within the Yohocube loaylty program (also if you've paid for the goods in fiat currency)


Register your object and get virtual copyright within Yohocube ecosystem. Best creations of children will be produced as separate building-sets. The part of the profits from their sale will be transferred to the author whose authorship will be registered in the blockchain.


Participating in creating new series of building-sets and Yohocube platform services


january 2018 – december 2018
  • Expanding operations on the Russian market.
  • Development and launch of an online platform for children in at least 10 languages implementing its main functionality: assembly of a customized object in virtual space with recommendations for assembling this object in reality and sharing the object on the platform with tokens, contests and promotions.
  • Launching a production site in China.
  • Optimization of logistic trade schemes in Asia, as well as delivery to America and Europe.
  • Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Development and design of a franchise package for Yohocube hobby corners.
  • Participation in international exhibitions: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries of Asia.
  • Opening of 10 own Hobby-Corner: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok.
january 2019 – december 2019
  • Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. Launch in India and Pakistan.
  • Planned development and implementation of full functionality of online platform according to the White Paper.
  • Participation in thematic international exhibitions, including Europe and America.
  • Opening an additional 70 Hobby-Corners, including 30 for the franchise. Only 80 shops.
january 2020 – december 2020
  • Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan. Starting PR in the EU and the US.
  • Maintenance and development of the platform, mass connection of partner programs, expansion of the number of active users.
  • Opening additional 170 Hobby-Corners, including 120 Hobby-Corners for the franchise. Only 250 shops.
january 2021 – december 2021
  • Maintenance of advertising and PR activities in major countries.
  • Opening additional 140 Hobby-Cornes, including 100 for the franchise. 390 shops in total.
  • 50, 000 active users on Yohocube online platform .
january 2022 – december 2022
  • Maintenance of advertising and PR activities in major countries.
  • Opening additional 130 Hobby-Cornes, including 90 for the franchise. 520 shops in total with 340 of them via franchise.
  • 100, 000 active users on Yohocube online platform .

The team


Elena Chuykova

CEO and Founder

11 years of experience in business dvelopment. MBA in “Entrepreneurship” (2013)


Denis Dedkov

Co-owner, Finance

The founder and the co-owner of “Azbuka kapitala”. A certified expert in financial planning. Denis currently manages assets in the amount of 0.5 billion roubles


Timur Kazantsev

Co-owner, Marketing

Timur has been engaged in business activities and business-consulting for Volvo,Volkswagen, Ford, Gazprom, RUSAL, RZHD.


Rustam Guseynov

Co-owner, Promotion and development

10-years sales experience in the first-tier banking and investment institutions. Rustam launched three IT and real economy start-ups of multiple scales and made them profitable


Vadim Zhinkin

Lawyer, International law

An expert in information technology and organization of trading on stock exchange markets. Vadim has expertise in banking and tax and drafting both local and international contracts.


Igor Golikov

Co-owner, International Expansion expert

A serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience


Svyatoslav Yakimov


10+ years in full stack development. Has an experience in ICOs realization.